Google Earth Seminar Links

Here are a few links if you are interested in learning more about Google Earth:

Google Earth Free vs Google Earth Pro

Newest Google Earth Imagery (also, Google Earth Blog)

DataBC Google Earth Data Portal

DataBC – Google Earth files for BC – dozens and dozens of layers

Canada Lands Google Earth Layers

GeoSask Portal

Integrated Cadastral Information Society – For BC and perhaps Alberta

Geosetter (Geotagging Photos) – Free and powerful

Takitwithme – For converting Google Earth polygons, waypoints, tracks to a Garmin file to upload to Garmin GPS

Various Local Governments Using Google Earth

City of Nanaimo Google Earth Mapping

Google Earth Blog/Nanaimo – Article about the City of Nanaimo

Portland Maps


One thought on “Google Earth Seminar Links

  1. Hey Jeff…Dave Graham here from Kimberley. Just enjoyed your seminar at the River Rock. I met you breifly at lunch and wanted to say thanks. I often come to Kaslo and Nelson with my partner so maybe I can take you for lunch or coffee sometime. I am the secretery-treasurer for REIBC and Governor for 6 years now…..I sell real estate in Kimberley, have worked for BC Assessment for 5 years and am a journeyman carpenter too….anyway i want to learn more about Google so just introducing myself and hopefully we willbe in touch?

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