Google Earth Seminar Links

Here are a few links if you are interested in learning more about Google Earth:

Google Earth Pro Download (make sure you click on the Earth Pro on Desktop link at the top of this page)

Google Earth Blog (an interesting site for current news, learning and data links)

BC Online Cadastre – province wide cadastre layer with session saving and shape file downloading

GATOR Services – for crown grant survey imagery$

DataBC – Google Earth files for BC – dozens and dozens of layers

Canada Lands Google Earth Layers

Geosetter (Geotagging Photos) – Free and powerful

My Public Dropbox for the Google Earth Seminar Content

My Youtube Channel – watch for Google Earth content



1 thought on “Google Earth Seminar Links

  1. Hey Jeff…Dave Graham here from Kimberley. Just enjoyed your seminar at the River Rock. I met you breifly at lunch and wanted to say thanks. I often come to Kaslo and Nelson with my partner so maybe I can take you for lunch or coffee sometime. I am the secretery-treasurer for REIBC and Governor for 6 years now…..I sell real estate in Kimberley, have worked for BC Assessment for 5 years and am a journeyman carpenter too….anyway i want to learn more about Google so just introducing myself and hopefully we willbe in touch?

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